H. Teri Murai is One of My Musical Heroes :-)

  • By Sean Fenlon on August 31, 2017 in

    I first met Teri Murai as a member of The Peabody Symphony in 1991. I had graduated with a Bachelors in Music from Towson University a year earlier. Although I had won several awards and competitions, I never participated in the Towson University Orchestra (a community orchestra at the time). However, since graduate bassoon students […]

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Greg Hatza is One of My Musical Heroes :-)

  • By Sean Fenlon on May 24, 2017 in

    Greg Hatza is a chronic over-achiever – in EVERYTHING that he does, from Jazz music to Classical music, to his knowledge of the music of non-western cultures, to Tai Chi, to Martial Arts, and everything in between. He is absolutely one of my heroes. I first met Greg as a music student at Towson University […]

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GroundUP Music Festival 2017 – Video Compilation and LONG Blog Post :-)

  • By Sean Fenlon on February 15, 2017 in

      The Past is Prologue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V9OREZH7uw Hello. It’s me. My name is www.SeanFenlon.com – you are here. :-) Long before I defined myself as an Internet/Tech Entrepreneur, I defined myself as a musician. For decades, I have maintained musical obsessions with brilliant band leaders who were so adventurous with their art and their ensembles that […]

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About Jacob Collier, JacobCollier.com, and “Don’t You Know” from Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume 2

  • By Sean Fenlon on February 15, 2016 in

      WOW, where do I begin? According to the Jacob Collier Facebook Page, Jacob Collier was born on August 2, 1994 in England. Thus, he’s 21-years old at the time of this writing. He’s been legally eligible to purchase alcohol in the USA for about six-months. I have only known about Jacob Collier for a […]

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Snarky Puppy Family Dinner Volume 2–Live Recording

  • By Sean Fenlon on February 21, 2015 in

    Intro It’s a strange universe. Somebody ought to sell tickets. I have known of Snarky Puppy and the band’s fearless leader Michael League for less than a year now, and it’s only been about six-months since I first saw them perform live at The Fillmore in Silver Spring. Nguyen Le and Matt Fraser – the […]

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