How Online Advertising, Mortgage Leads, and Coffee Beans are ALL Related

By Sean Fenlon on June 9, 2007

Coffee stories are probably best-understood by lay folks throughout the world (although the same story could be told about both other options mentioned in the subject line, with only a slight change to “language” – see end of post). So, here is the blog post in the language of Coffee Beans…

As coffee-drinking consumers we know exactly what we want:

1. We want a delicious cup of coffee on demand

2. Actually, we don’t necessarily feel the need for a cup of coffee as much as we like the way the cup of coffee makes us feel

3. We appreciate the “feeling” even more when the coffee consuming experience is a pleasant one

There was a time that companies that sold coffee to coffee-drinking consumers needed to find coffee bean growers and then work an executable deal with each one (and that is before transporting the coffee beans to the coffee shop, before the grinding, before the filtering of hot water through, before the toppings, and before the environmental atmosphere of the serving, etc.).

The coffee bean buyers and the coffee bean sellers collectively gravitated towards a consolidated and more efficient marketplace. Coffee beans would EXCHANGE hands from coffee bean buyers to coffee bean sellers at market-driven prices.

However, it is always the sale of coffee to coffee-drinking consumers that is the prime transaction value that flows all the way down through an ecosystem and back down to the coffee bean EXCHANGE. And nothing happens until FIRST something is sold…

A coffee-drinking consumer buys a cup of coffee at Starbucks and pays a premium for a noticeably-robust blend of coffee served in a fancy cardboard cup/holder in a swanky environment playing the musical sounds of the day in the background.

For this blissful coffee-drinking experience, most coffee-drinking consumers pony-up at least $2-$4.

All the way back downstream, a coffee-bean grower is only able to fetch $8 per pound of coffee beans in the coffee bean marketplace (which could ultimately represent as many as 50 cups of coffee or more).

So here’s how to translate the Coffee Beans “language” above into the Online Advertising and Mortgage Leads language:

1. A coffee bean is an advertisement to a consumer

2. A cup of coffee is a lead

3. A coffee-drinking experience is a sale

DoublePositive does to advertisements and leads what Starbucks does for Coffee Beans.


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