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By Sean Fenlon on August 25, 2008

I witnessed history, again.

This time, I saw the USA win the gold medal in men’s basketball. I had to stay up til 4am EST to do so! :-S

Great win, guys. Seriously.


A gold medal win is a gold medal win.

That said, it’s back to practice on Monday morning for London in 2012.

Seriously… Here’s what we need to work on:

  1. Better defense against the pick-and-roll. OMG, please!
  2. Better half-court offense play (I’m not sure I saw one well-run and PLANNED half-court offensive play in the second half)
  3. Better inside play — never be out-rebounded in a gold medal match again

You do these three things, you’ll win.

It’s that simple.

I guarantee it.


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