YouTube Symphony & DoublePositive.TV

By Sean Fenlon on December 18, 2008


This is a BRILLIANT idea!

A game changer for me

But the emperor has no clothes.

Whoever is the Vision of the FIRST Internet Symphony is absolutely brilliant.

“Symphony” is a term from the Ancient Greeks and means “sounding together.”


Also, “Symphony” is a term from the Ancient Greeks and means “social networking” ;-)

You?ve solved the problem I?ve been struggling with for years ? LIVE Internet music ensemble performance.

It?s simple? un-bundle time from the equation.

Duh! :-)

It?s so simple, yet I always found TRUE real-time to be the barrier.

There is still a time ?tether? and it?s a constant. A live conductor (and silent audio track).

Simple, yet brilliant.


One MAJOR friggin flaw, though?

The composition chosen for this project was composed by Tan Dun.

The choice is a big mistake compared to choosing Mozart Jupiter Symphony or Beethoven’s 5th (or 9th) as the “FIRST” Internet Symphony (“Eroica” in the sub-title was obviously borrowed from Beethoven’s 3rd). I suspect you are a brilliant composer, Mr. Dun, but compared to Wolfgang and Ludwig, you suck. :-S

If it WERE Mozart or Beethoven, I would certainly be tempted to pull out the old bassoon and give it a run. ;-)

BTW, please visit our new YouTube Video Channel at www.DoublePositive.TV or click on OMG at the top of this post.

The universea> is a funny place. :-)


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