Google Wave

By Sean Fenlon on June 1, 2009


What is “Google Wave”? I think it’s a communication object:

I’m one of the few non-developers who eagerly watched this video preview demo from Google I/O 2009.

Even after watching the entire video, I cannot tell you what Google Wave “is.”

I can, however, tell you what Google Wave “is like” using a business analogy.

Wave is to Google as .NET (dot net) is to Microsoft.

If memory serves, Microsoft REALLY struggled to say what .NET “is” when it was announced it back in 2001 – very similar to the challenge Google is now facing with explaining Wave(s).

Wave and .NET are peers. Some may argue that “Wave” and Microsoft “Live” are better peer analogies, but I patently disagree.

[stand up and stretch here – see the 37th-minute stretch]

Company = Google vs. Microsoft

O/S = Internet vs. Windows

Developer Platform = Wave vs. .NET*

A key qualifier = Wave will probably build a Windows-esque B2C brand over time

Interesting difference, though. Google’s use of the plural “Waves.” We never heard about “.NETS” ;-)


p.s. even GOOG can struggle in LIVE-person-presentations. I hope you guys are ready cuz LIVE is really, REALLY hard! :-)

p.s.s. See below for more of my “stream of consciousness” after-listening-tags:

  • Google Gears
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  • Extensions (the reason you guys came here)
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  • Time to Do the Wave

p.s.s.s. If memory serves, Microsoft used the term “Wave of Innovation” as a rallying cry earlier in the decade. Probably not a coincidence.

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