Not Cool Google

By Sean Fenlon on July 12, 2009

Dear GOOG:

This is not cool.

Stop changing your product based on my lens to your product (i.e. web browser).

As best I can tell, Google is now using a URL structure in their Chrome browser that breaks in IE, sending the user’s click to Deliberately, I have to presume.

For example, paste the link below into IE:”humble+consumer”&aq=f&oq=&aqi=

[you will need to copy and paste the URL into specific browsers for this post to work properly]

It doesn’t work – simple re-direct to the Google home page.

The URL structure for the exact same Google query in IE is

(interesting – when pasted into Chrome, the browser re-directs to the URL structure in the very first link above)

Firefox URL query structure is even crazier

Not good – the browser needs to be objectively viewed by the publisher of the site/service.

If publishers start telling us different stories based solely upon browser choice, all decisions regarding browsers and sites/services have to be re-thought.

People ask What Would Google Do?

The ultimate answer is if Google does it, everyone else will too.

This is not cool, but I am a mere humble consumer.

Thanks for reading (i.e. Indexing).


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