Sean’s Compositions

Sean’s Original Music Catalog

Title Year of Comp. Type Description and Comments
All Five 1990 Jazz Combo My first complete original composition, written for jazz sextet and performed on my senior bassoon recital.  Later re-recorded in a more fusion setting.As the name suggests, it a modal 5/4 with a straight-ahead swing 5/4 bridge.
Guess Who? 1988 Big Band My first big band composition under the tutelage of Hank Levy. The title comes from the amount of plagiarism from Hank’s chart “Peek Into a New Time Zone” – all in 7/4 and 14/8.
Snap, Crackle, & Bop 1989 Big Band My first attempt at the adventurous world of 4/4.  A conventional, yet charming, straight-ahead swing chart in the style of Sammy Nestico.
Latin Inquisition 1989 Big Band One of my favorite Hank Levy charts “Chain Reaction” is all in 13/4. One of my favorites Chuck Mangione compositions is “The Hill Where the Lord Hides.” This composition is a collision of the two!  Hank… meet Chuck!
Odd Funk-N-Stuff 1991 Jazz Fusion Group Originally recorded in my basement on a 4-track with Kyle Coughlin (sax & flute) and Chris Holt (guitar).  One of my personal favorites. The name says it all… Like Pat Metheny meets Tower of Power… Ummm… or something. Mostly a heavy funk groove but covers a lot of musical territory with strong melodies and all kinds of crazy odd-meters… 10/4, 7/4, 22/4, 9/4, 5/4, etc. plus a wild surprise ending!
Que Pasa 1992 Latin Jazz Fusion This 4/4 composition recorded in my basement on a 4-track with Kyle Coughlin (sax, flute, & co-writer) and Chris Holt (guitar).  It features a great latin groove contrasted with a heavy-electric funk solo section.
Takerimba 1991 New Age – Solo MIDI Project Named after the Marimba synthesizer patch name I used in its creation, Takerimba was a project to utilize a 23/8 time signature – taken from one of the most sophisticated compositions of Don Ellis, “How’s This for Openers?”  Composed for 3 mallet instruments.
Funky Chick 1993 Electronic Jazz Fusion Recorded in my basement on a 4-track, “Funky Chick” relatively simple 7/4 funk groove featuring a MONSTER keyboard solo by Greg Hatza.  Composed in the style of Chick Corea first Electric Band album.
Symphony #7 1993 Electronic Jazz Fusion Recorded in my basement on a 4-track with Kyle Coughlin (sax, clarinet, & flute) and Chris Holt (guitar) and Todd Butler (trumpt).  An insane combination of musical elements, all in 7/4 or 7/8 and in a quasi-sonata form.
The Funeral 1993 New Age Sad/morose new age mood music. Co-written by Chris Holt as background scoring music.
Circle 1993 New Age Happy new age mood music with a classical overtones. Written as background “wallpaper” type music.
Disney Medley 1994 Solo MIDI Project The name says it all!  The musical mind of Sean Fenlon meets all those wonderful Disney tunes!
Inside Outside Upside-down (I.O.U.) 1995 Electronic Jazz Fusion Modern synth-based 5/4 groove which romps through several characters and moods. Depeche Mode meets Dave Gruisin! Currently exists as a solo MIDI project and is featured on the MP3 sites!
Hiatus IV 1995 Electronic Jazz Fusion An intense synth-based romp through 11/4 & 22/8 meters w/ a strong Pat Metheny influence. Killer keyboard solo! Currently exists as a solo MIDI project and is featured on the MP3 sites!
The Wedding Song 1995 Smooth Jazz A slow dance ballad built from a beatiful & gentle melody. Light piano solo interlude section in a slow 5/4.  Currently exists as a solo MIDI project and is featured on the MP3 sites!
I’m Back 1995 Latin Jazz A crazy latin jam in 5/4 and 9/4 featuring a big musical “pyramid” build.
Song for Stuart 1997 Jazz Fusion Composed for Stuart Hart for his upcoming CD Project.  Based loosely on The Brecker Brothers, but all in 7/4.
Freedom Jazz Dance (arrangement) 1997 Jazz Fusion Yes, I kept this in 4/4, but added a super-cool piano cadenza and all sorts of inside-outside polyrhythms.  Stole the idea from Tom Hirschmann.

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