Sean’s Equipment

Sean’s Equipment List

(woefully out-of-date — NEEDS updating — check back soon)

Equipment Type Description & Comments
Roland JV-1080 Rack-mount Synthesizer This is the heart of my studio’s sound. Not only is this box chock full of over 1000 quality Roland samples, but it is very programmable. Great Roland effects also, but only one per patch (plus reverb/chorus).
Alesis QS-8 Keyboard Synthesizer My main MIDI master controller. 88 weighted keys, MIDI control faders, plus a few decent samples to boot!
Yahama TG55 Rack-mount Synthesizer My first “sample-playback” synthesizer. Mediocre samples and full of limitations, but “put me on the map.”
Kawai K5 Keyboard Synthesizer My first synthesizer. This additive synth is still a classic and a great machine to learn basic synth programming on.
Yamaha DMP11 Digital Mixer A fully programmable, MIDI-controllable 8 channel digital mixer with two effects processors built in! Sounds great right? It is except it’s just too darn noisy & hissy. Not quite ready for prime time.
Alesis Studio32 32-track Mixing Console A very clean and very flexible conventional mixing console. Perfect for home studio work.
Mark of the Unicorn – MIDI Express XT 96-channel MIDI Converter & Synchronizer This little device allows me to connect up to eight MIDI devices to my computer, each device allocated full 16 MIDI channels. Thus, I can have 96 “virtual” channels at any time! Built-in MIDI Time Code and SMPTE sync also. Great box except for its parallel port interface. Give me PCI or USB!
Alesis Wedge Effects & Reverb Unit A super little effects box! Rather than rack mount, this box sits as a desktop unit. Great reverbs & chorus, plus a handy little “audition tap” button.
Event GINA Professional Sound Card My primary method of recording digital audio into my computer. This little device features 8 analog audio outputs, 2 analog audio inputs, and SP/DIF digital audio inputs/outputs… all in a tiny little “breakout box.” If Event would write a driver to support the Microsoft DirectSound protocol, it would a perfect box!
Creative Labs Soundblaster AWE64 Consumer Sound Card I use this merely to audition my work that will be played back on consumer equipement.
Panamax MAX1000 AC Power Line Conditioner & Surge Protector Not only a guaranteed surge protector, but also cleans up the “hash” in the AC line from vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, AC units, etc.

Sean’s Software List

Software Type Description & Comments
Cakewalk Sonar Professional Multi-Track MIDI Sequencer & Digital Audio Recorder This is the heart and soul of any musical creation in my studio. It integrates all the MIDI devices plus digital audio in one convenient interface. In case you’re wondering, yes, I have tried Logic Audio Platinum and Cubase VST, but I prefer the more straightforward interface of Cakewalk, despite the other software’s monster features.
Coda Finale 3.0 Music Notation Software Yeah, this is the flagship of the music notation software, but I hate it. Frankly, I hate ALL music notation software, but I’m stuck until someone can offer something actually intuitive!
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 4.5 Audio Sample Editing Software Simply the best audio editor available!
Sonic Found Acid Sample Loop Construction Software I wish I composed more trance, dance, techno, and house music so that I could use this little gem more. It allows you to create great grooves by simply dragging and dropping sampled loops onto the screen. Very fun!
MP3 Producer Pro (freeware) Audio File Type Converter A very simple, very small piece of freeware that allows me to convert .wav files to MP3’s or vice-versa
DirectX Plug-Ins TC Electronics Small programs that interface with other audio programs. Used for reverbs, effects, EQ, repair, etc. Got ’em all and I love ’em!
Sonic Foundry
Cakewalk FX

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